Friday, March 2, 2012

At the Bar all week

No cameras were allowed. Neither were any of the following: cell phones, PDAs, electronic devices, digital watches, cigarettes, gum, candy, papers, notes, calculators, hats, books, backpacks, purses, tape flags, white out, wallets and many other items including the kitchen sink. Where was I?

The California Bar Exam on the lovely Cal Expo grounds. Not as an applicant (a ludicrous thought if you know me) but as a proctor. Three days of quiet walking, whispering, paper checking, checking in nervous applicants, more walking, lugging heavy boxes, more paperwork, reassuring nervous applicants, verifying IDs, and did I mention the endless walking at the pace of a geriatric snail? By the time it's over I want to just run and talk really loud and jump in the nearest hot tub I can find.

Once again Candace was my partner in crime. We had loads of fun and kept each other awake. She supplied me with gum and cough drops. I supplied her with memory games to pass the time. My applicants were just a dream to help. I even had a Romanian girl; she was so surprised to hear her proctor say Bună Dimineață the first morning and told me my accent is cute. I saw a few of my former applicants, which is nice but also a bummer because they had to return to take it again. I told these applicants at the end that I never want to see them again, unless it involves some sort of big inheritance on my part.