Friday, March 9, 2012

Things and Linens

I knew it was ugly in there, but I didn't know how bad. It needed some drastic measures, and Thursday was the day. Although it was a gorgeous day outside that could/should have been spent doing yard work, I stayed inside to nurse my cough and show the linen closet who's boss. 

At least once a year, if not twice like this one, my husband gets the cough that never ends. He gets no sleep. I get no sleep. The dog gets no sleep. Our closest neighbors probably lose a few winks too. cough cough cough...Cough Cough Cough...COUGH COUGH COUGH...AHHHHHHEEEEEEMMMM, cough, Hmmm, cough. Then we lie there and enjoy the few minutes of peace until the next wave of coughing begins. There are many weapons to fight it, some natural, some OTC, some prescription, some from the liquor cabinet. I am of the purist thinking when it comes to medication: buy for specific symptoms and then take what you need and no more. My Companion with the Cough tries every concoction that Walgreens sells, and this is what we end up with.

Looks like we're good on the pain/sneezing/headache/fever/coughing/chest congestion but we still can't sleep drugs. We also have a giant assortment of antacids that would make you think I'm a lousy cook. They are leftovers from when Ernst was suffering from really bad indigestion that turned out to be a heart attack. But the Pepcid remains, and the Tums and the Prilosec. We may have a bad vegan tofu chili incident and need it some day.  

Maybe someday we'll open up a public swimming pool and need all this sunscreen. And then there are the tubes of What in the world is this, why did I ever need it, which orifice did this treat and could I somehow get my money back for it because whatever I bought it for has long ago gone and healed itself. A sure way to cure some unidentifiable skin condition is to shell out the $WayTooMuch.99 at the local drugstore, and as soon as you open up the tube, wham that itch magically stops itching. But now that you have the gunk, you know the minute you toss it that itch is coming right back. Hence the overflowing cabinet of never used lotions and potions. Oh well, at least it's all nice and organized should I get the itch to use them.
Itching to go out and play!
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