Thursday, April 12, 2012

Suzie Q, the Have a Cow Quilt

 First let me say to all my friends named Sue or Susan or Susie or Suzie - this quilt is not named after you. It came with the name on the original cow themed tote bag fabric. Unless, that is, you want to have a bovine blanket named in your honor. In that case this one's for you, Sue.

This was one fun quilt to make. It had such goofy directions on it about udders and ears and other cow parts. It even had a little story on it about Suzie Q taking her cow to shcool (it had school mispelled). It was fun trying to cut out the best parts while getting the most cow for my buck.

I used up some of the vast amount of toille drapery fabric I picked up at Goodwill, plus some vintage fabric from my friend Judy. The calico was a remnant from the fabric store, the checks were from my stash and the colorful print is one I picked up the very happy day at the Goodwill when I found both the cow fabric and a pair of pants that fit perfectly. Long live the Goodwill!

How often you do see that in a quilt?

So sorry Suzie Q, but your head just had to go.