Thursday, April 26, 2012

What screen door?

Our first dog was genetically predisposed not to jump. He was one hundred pounds and never had the hips or the desire to bound through the air or anywhere else. His first owners bought him a ramp to get in their car. We just hauled him up. Sometimes it was a little embarrassing, and definitely hard on the back, but a dog won't do what a dog won't do. He absolutely would not climb the ramp at Launder Dog, again our backs were sacrificed for our dog's unwillingness to leave the ground.

Kodie ever so slowly made this hole in the screen door; it was his snack window. Little visitors to our house who were afraid of dogs would pet him from inside while he stayed outside. soaking up the love through his walk-up affection window. He eventually popped out the bottom part, but by then was not limber enough to crawl under. It was enough to keep him out and let all the flies in. It was one really useless screen door, but we are cheapskates so that was that.

When Molly moved in, we realized that she just crawled right under. She got so used to slamming through, that while visiting our neighbors she just ran right through their screen and ripped their screening out. Time to kick her of that habit. The Big E installed a mesh at the bottom, and despite a few puzzled looks from the Molls, we finally had a screen door that could at least keep dogs out, if not flying pests.

For the last week we kept letting her out and wondering why the other person kept letting her back in. She is quite the little Home Girl, so she always wants to be inside. The whines are pitiful, and we are suckers. Duh, we finally saw her do it, she was leaping in. Now we really need to get a decent door, because if you can't even keep the pests in, what's the point?