Monday, May 21, 2012

A memory quilt for a stranger

 Ten rules for making a memory quilt:

1.  Do make one for a complete stranger. It is much easier if you never met the person who died.

2.  Don't meet the widow. It is much easier when you don't know who you are making it for and have not had tea with her in her kitchen.

3.  Don't go to the person's house and see their clothes in their closet. It is much easier when you receive the items all packed up in bags.

4.  Don't find out wonderful things about the loved one, such as the fact that he volunteered at Folsom Prison for years helping inmates learn Bible principles that changed their personalities for the better.

5.  Don't, and I repeat, don't read the letters of best wishes and sympathy from said inmates thanking the man for his dedication and love that helped them so profoundly.

6.  Don't remember that you actually had met this person once.

7.  Do use his clothes to make something wonderful that will hopefully bring comfort to his family.

8.  Do tell his widow that it's OK that she isn't donating all his clothes to others.

9.  Do be ready to shed some tears while making this quilt for someone you thought was a complete stranger.

10. Don't stop making these because they are hard in every way. Each one turns out so lovely and it is an honor to make them.

the initial layout

much easier to make in two parts

the denim and homespun fringed really well

the regular side

sixty-four squares and heavy

some of the buttons on a corner square