Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sewing al fresco


out-of-doors; in the open air: to dine alfresco.

outdoor: an alfresco café.
Eating outdoors is a grand idea if the conditions are right - not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not too many bugs and please not on a busy street with trucks whizzing by. Charming garden patios, quaint little sidewalks, on a quiet piazza in Italy, you get the idea. Sewing outdoors has the same basic requirements but without the insect issue.

My sewing area on a really good day
Normally this is my sewing area. Well, normally it is covered with piles of junk mail, bills and stuff that made it in from the car and no further, which is how it looks right now. This is a photo from a day I was on a cleaning rampage. Oh, for a rampage day to spruce things up around here, but right now I have quilts to sew and more messes to make.
It was the perfect day for outdoor sewing - no wind, not cold, not hot. Goldilocks would have called it a Baby Bear Day, juuuuuust right. All I needed were a few trips out to the patio with my sewing paraphernalia, a cleaned off patio table and an extension cord.

I'm sewing a bulky memory quilt with lots of denim and I got all the squares sewn today. Tomorrow I'll haul it all out again to finish, barring a wind storm. I once met a woman at the fabric store who said her husband built her a sewing room that has counters all around and built-in storage cabinets to house her 5 different sewing machines. She seemed like a really nice person, it was a shame I had to instantly dislike her for no reason other than jealousy. But I bet she never gets to haul those 5 sewing machines out to her backyard and sew with her scrap loving dog. Now if I could just teach the dog to serenade me with a violin...

Some must-haves for al fresco sewing
Good weather and no wind

Someone or something to pick up the scraps

Caffeine, a phone and all the sewing tools

The sewing equivalent to a full tank of gas - plenty of thread and lots of prepped bobbins
The right needles for the job

A sewing project, debuting soon as a finished memory quilt