Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Garden Crime - Who Dug It?

A crime was committed in the wee hours, and the results were tragic.

The victim

Yes, our cucumber was murdered; a clear case of herbicide. But who could have pulled off such a ruthless and heinous crime?  It was the Burpless variety, what could have possibly been the motive?

The only eye-witness

 The poor thing is shaking like a leaf and refuses to cooperate.

 The suspects



Puppy Dog Tails?
(AKA Alligator Eater) 

The evidence

Circumstantial yes, but it is highly unlikely even a band of slugs and snails could have done so much damage. The paw marks in the dirt were the final key - we are confident we have nabbed the right suspect.

In custody

 She gave up quite easily, but...

I want to speak with my attorney.


...she's gone all Miranda on us and won't cooperate.

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