Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Spring Fling Thing

With Spring comes a lot of pressure - Spring cleaning, garden planting, swim suit weather just around the corner. I much prefer the hunker down season of fall when all thoughts turn to soup and when the sun isn't shining into the house revealing balls of dog hair the size of small dogs.

But here we are in May already and there is nothing to be done but jump into the season full force. Last week I spring cleaned the living room and that was as far as I got with the house. We have a really clean living room and a regularly clean/dirty rest of the house.

Next came my clothes closet - the semi-annual switcheroo of the winter clothes for the summer clothes - the change from the clothes I detest to the ones I merely loathe. I was in a ruthless mood and got rid of a bunch. I took them over to Crossroads and then to Renaissance. At Crossroads, I sat in the Chairs of Shame while a hip and cool person went through my castaways looking for items they wanted. I tried so hard to look hip and cool, but the truly hip and cool can see right through it and they know. Then it was off to Renaissance where I stood at the Counter of Humiliation while a classy and serene person went through my castaways looking for items they wanted. I tried so hard to look classy and serene, but the truly classy and serene can see right through it and they know. I came out with money to get a few groceries at Trader Joe's, so the shame and humiliation were worth it. The rest went to Goodwill or my fabric stash for making rag quilts.

A few dresses + these tops + eleven skirts = my summer wardrobe saved from spring cleaning

The last project before May hit was the veggie garden. This year, we split it into three areas - the squash, tomato and cucumber areas. I'm trying tomatoes in the containers that grew the winter greens. I'm making my own hokey tomato stakes from the apple tree suckers and green tape. I can't wait for the tomatoes to get bigger so this stops looking so dorky. I should be anxious for the tomatoes themselves, but right now they are the Containers of Humiliation and Shame and I just want that to end ASAP. The cucumbers will be encouraged to climb the old tomato stakes and the squash is just supposed to do its squash thing. I didn't label anything, I just plopped it all down and if it looks edible we'll eat it. It all goes crazy eventually, so what's the point of trying to keep it all nicely organized? It's not like the ladies from Renaissance will be coming to tea any time soon, will they?

The Tomato Bucket Garden

The Squash Garden

The Cuke Garden

baby grapes

(really tiny baby grapes)

Our neighbors gave us these and they're spreading like all pretty plants should.

the iris bed

our back forty

Ready or not, spring has sprung.