Friday, December 23, 2011

Who could that be on the roof?

Two years ago at this time we were back in New York and Connecticut with my family. We were having such a wonderful time in the New England winter wonderland. It was cold; really super cold even for the locals, but we were thrilled to be there enjoying the snow, and of course my family too. My sister and I sewed an adorable quilt, snow being the ideal quilting weather. It somehow makes all the corners match up perfectly.

New England Winter Wonderland

So much drier and lighter than Tahoe snow

Rag quilt washing anxiety

No worries, it turned out so pretty
Little did we know what interesting things were happening back home. Our dog was safely down the street at the dog sitter. But the house was not safe, because our joke loving neighbor Jason had something up his sleeve for our return.

Now this is the same Jason that will give you the shirt off his back and then run to the store to buy you a better one - the friend and neighbor who helped carry out a Let’s Fix the Worst Hardwood Floors in History and then Paint the Whole House Surprise after Ernst had his heart attack. But Jason has a major jokester side, one that caused him to steal our tree once! Yes, you can steal a tree and he proved it.

Two years ago, before we got back, somehow an Xmas decoration contraption showed up in Jason’s yard. Picture this: take a wire tomato cage, turn it upside down, string it with Xmas lights and garlands. Then plug it in and you have a cone shaped tree-like thing. What is the first thing he thought of? Putting it on the top of our roof as a welcome home treat for us.

Great, except we don’t celebrate Christmas and neither do Jason and Carmen. Some of our neighbors know this. Also, the tree had been made as a school project by one of the youngsters on our block, a sentimental My Kid Made This type of project.  We still don’t know how it ended up down the street, it’s not like tomato cages catch a lot of wind.

I got home a day before Ernst did. Sleeping in after a late arrival, I heard footsteps…on our roof. What in the world? 'Twas Jason, up on our roof with an extension cord. Was he surprised to see me! The thing was so ugly during day, I just had to agree to the prank. But when I went to pick Ernst up from the airport and we came home, that tree was in all its yuletide glory, lit up for the whole block to see. Ernst took one look at it and said “JASON!" He had learned from the tree incident.

Then came the embarrassing part. The neighbor approached Jason and asked why he thought we stole his decoration; it meant a lot to them and did he think we would give it back? We were the neighborhood Grinches and we had no part of it. JASON!

Our neighbors, Jason and Carmen