Friday, April 5, 2013

Crop circles and UFO sightings

UFOs - Unexpected Flowering Objects!

The Backyard That is Very Large continues to surprise us with little delights. Each week of spring we find some cute new plant or flower strutting its stuff. The order of it all is a bit baffling, but they get an A for effort.

These puffy clumps of clover are perfectly round and so charming. Is it one big plant? Or just a circle of weeds that really get along? Whatever it is, they are staying and we hope it's not the garden version of the Blob That Ate New York.

Don't you just love clover that thinks it's a beach ball?

Don't you just love last year's petunias that decide to go bonkers in a good way?
Don't you just love when the neighbor's flowers come for a visit and stay?
Don't you just love calla lilies that you didn't even know were there?
Don't you just love anything growing on a chain link fence that covers the chain linkiness?
Don't you just love roses that decide to bloom even though no one has pruned them in forever?
Don't you just love when the pile of garden mess looks like a beaver dam?