Sunday, April 28, 2013

Turning whines into water

Mornings are not my thing and heat annoys me. Not a good combo for getting up early and being part of the RBC drink crew in summer. The past four days had me up in the morning chill, making coffee and tea for the first onslaught of liquids. Then it was onto the main task of our drink team, keeping people happy and healthy and hydrated. I even wore an apron and a baseball cap and yes, the dreaded hairnet. The kind that looks like a spider web. The kind of hairnet that only 0.00000000000047% of the world's females looks good in. That woman is not me. Sorry, no pictures of the arachno-do. 

How did we hydrate the many volunteers at the Rancho Cordova hall build, even in this early blast of heat? Water - lots of it. And ice, we can't forget the ice. Powdered Gatorade mix, a must. Sweet tea for some, unsweetened for those who think sweet tea is for hummingbirds. Lemonade, there just has be lemonade. And the crowd favorite, even for the rough and tumble framing crew? Water infused with cucumber and lemon slices. Spa water, as we called it, was the popular choice from the line of orange cooler buckets. I'll be dreaming of orange buckets and ice running out. Maybe a nice cold one would help?

Unfortunately the yogurt machine was broken - a No Go on the Fro Yo.