Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Great Quilt Drought of 2013 ends in a fabric fluff frenzy

Little snippets of my quilt making and other threads, or so says my blog description. Lately it has been lots and lots of other threads and very little quilt making. But the sewing drought is finally over and I'm back behind the ol' machine. Or at least behind the rotary cutter, let's not get too crazy all of a sudden. Nothing like our tax return bill for some inspiration.

The original choice, but the bunny got bumped

I set out to make a bunny quilt, but I decided the rabbit will wait for some more friends to show up and it became a quilt with a little theme of clothes washing. This is what the bit of washday-themed fabric says:

One two, loads to do,
Three four, scrub some more.
Five six, hang them quick,
Seven eight, socks to mate.
Nine ten, dirty again!

The final cut

Along with some pretty pink toile, three floral patterns, vintage seersucker, a bit of calico and a friend's slightly worn jeans that she left on my porch (I was supposed to rag quilt them, right?) it's all cut up and ready to go. As soon as I can tear myself away from my scrubbing and finding sock mates, I'll get right on this.

Don't ya'll just love saying toile?