Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zidul este terminat

The Great Wall Build of 2011
The original wall we copied
I have a new appreciation for walls. I drive around now and notice them everywhere. I wonder how long they have stood, if there are any boo boos in them, and if professionals or amateurs put them up.

This photo is what existed on our KH property as of last week. It ran the entire length of the east property line. I don't know why this was installed but the rest left undone. The neighbors planted trees and vines and we are enjoying the benefits. Running on the south and west end of the property, there was a mishmash of chain link and wooden fences that looked a bit tattered. I can't believe I didn't take a before and after, but such is life.

For every pro...
...about six newbies
Serious hard hat hair
Nina working hard

Blazing hot, but we had to keep going
Experienced wall builders

Not RBC approved footwear

Striking, joining, or as we said, "spreading the goop"
Enjoying the shade in the neighbor's yard

The lot gets new blacktop and striping this weekend, then it is done

Even the praying mantis was asking for a nice delta breeze, please. But we survived, we drank gobs of water and had loads of fun. The two huge projects on our hall this year were done in either freezing windy downpours or blazing hot weather. And in four languages: Russian, Romanian, Sign Language and English. Yet, we had a blast. But please no more for a while. I have hit the ZID!