Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plug it in, plug it in

We are at the four week countdown to Romania, and I've been busy with preparations. Our new passports arrived - I don't like my new picture, but oh well, it's only for ten years. So far this is what I've packed and have all ready to go:

So we'll smell fresh as daisies.

Why can't we all just get along?

OK, so our clothes will be clean and we'll have power. Now for the 132 other things we'll need to remember...

Kaiser sent a nice little PDF of all the medical things we need to think about. No worries about Yellow Fever in Romania. Well, that's a relief. We do need to make sure we are good to go with our Hepatitis A and B immunizations. Moving right along, there are the shots for rabies and tick born encephalitis. Ugh, really? Must read up on the pros and cons of those, because it sounds like the shot itself will leave us frothing at the mouth.

Shoes, must find some good shoes and break them in here. Closed toe sandals, they are all the rage for kicking off rabid dogs and keeping the encephalitis carrying ticks at bay. Comfort, coolness and critter killing ability, that is the goal for shoe shopping.

I'm going with the clothes I have, will not buy any new clothes, nope I will not. But there are those four days in Ireland, may need some cute pants that fit and an outfit for the convention. Maybe a few new clothes to go with the clodhopper new shoes?

Looking for a UV protection umbrella that opens so fast it can double as a rabid dog scaring device. If it has some sort of anti encephalitis protection, so much the better. Maybe it will rain, I hear umbrellas are good for that too.

Twenty-eight days to go. I'm frothing at the mouth.


Do the British secretly mock us about how tiny our plugs are?