Thursday, June 13, 2013

Babs, the Shabby Chic Washday Quilt

Bubbles?             Sounds like a clown.
Bubba?                A wrestler with no neck.
Bubs?                  Ditto, but with an even shorter neck.
Babs?                 That fits, Babs it is.

Cutting out a rag quilt is not something I usually forget about, but this one got lost in the shuffle. I cut it out a while back, and then got busy with the two baby quilts. I found it all ready to go, sandwiched with batting, just waiting for an afternoon of sewing. With the weather so pleasant, I took the whole operation out to the back porch where I could drop thread like a textile mill.

I like to name the quilts after my Romanian friends, but nothing seemed to fit this one.
Rafaela?    No. She is chic but not shabby.
Luidmilla? She loves pink, but I don't associate her with laundry.
Loreana?  Ditto, just shorter.

Somehow I got Babs in my head and it got stuck there. Like when you start humming "I like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..." So finally Babs is a finished quilt, it's on my Etsy shop and I can get on to other things. Like trying to get that awful pina colada song out of my head.

"I am not into health food, I am into champagne."