Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Steps for dealing with a skunk carcass while alone

1. Call a neighbor. That gets rid of the alone part.
2. Scream at dog. That gets the tension out.
3. Mix up the solution, again, of peroxide, baking soda, dish soap and vanilla.
4. Since dog keeps going back to carcass, drag dog into the garage, through the house.
5. Pour solution on dog in the garage. Slam garage door to convey continued anger at the dog.
6. Open door to neighbor. Laugh as she hands you a rose in a vase. Be happy to have such great neighbors.
7. Find a bucket. And a shovel. And a garbage bag.
8. Scoop the poor dead skunk that probably has baby skunks at home waiting for their mama to come home into the garbage bag in the bucket with the shovel, using neighbor as moral support so you don't gag or cry.
9. Let dog out of garage, through the house, while the anger is fading because the poor thing looks so pathetic.
10. Stop and smell the rose.