Thursday, February 13, 2014

Engine 2 presentation at Whole Foods ran out of steam

Well hello there, Mr. Bee
Never having attended any kind of support group, I was just going by what I've seen on TV. I assumed the person leading the Engine 2 Diet 28-Day Challenge at Sacramento Whole Foods Market would be on board with the plant-strong, whole-foods, you are what you eat, if it had a mother pet it don't eat it way of thinking. I do have to give him credit for his honesty, he didn't sugar coat what he had eaten on the first week of the 28 Day Challenge. Chicken fried steak and Eggs Benedict, and this week is his birthday so who knows what else? But, he stressed that the chicken fried steak and the Eggs Benedict were made with real foods, nothing artificial. No one got up on their chair and said Captain, my Captain.

Moving past that uninspiring hour of my life, Week 2 is going great, except that I got a sore throat and cold. Couldn't get it last week when it was raining buckets, no I got it this week with the daffodils and the tulip tree blooming. Fortunately, I had some healthy dishes made up in the fridge, so stumbling into the kitchen to find something to eat has been easy. I had made another batch of Wacky Waldorf Salad (yummeroo!) and some Thai inspired veggie soup. Somehow between now and tomorrow at 6 am, I have to find my brain and haul myself into work. What's the rule these days - do casual Fridays allow for slippers and pajamas?