Monday, February 3, 2014

Weird and Wacky Waldorf Salad

Bananas? Really?
Often while clearing out papers and junk, I find cryptic notes that appear as if they were once a recipe of some sort. Usually jotted down in really bad handwriting on what is definitely not a recipe card, I often just say "oh well" and toss them away. Now that I screen shot everything on my ipad, these notes will become relics of the past.

While cleaning out a box of scribbled nothings, I came across this recipe. I know I copied it at work, because the paper is familiar. The thing that made me not say "oh well" and toss it was the fact that it called for bananas and carrots and celery and apples. The combination intrigued me, so I made it today. The combination is really tasty. The dressing is super yummy, it would be great on a normal fruit salad as well.

Creamy yet crunchy with a punch of lime
So for my first official day of the Engine 2 Diet Challenge, I present:

Weird and Wacky (and Wonderful) Waldorf Salad
(my changes included because I'm not crazy about too much dressing)

2 sliced bananas tossed with juice of one lime
1/2 sliced carrot (I put in two)
2 sliced apples (I used Opal apples from Trader Joes, a new variety)
1 stalk sliced celery (I used 3 small)
1-2 Tablespoons chopped walnuts

Combine and toss with dressing.

Mix in blender - 5-6 dates, juice from 1/2 a lemon and 2 Tablespoons water

It was/is delicious and just what I was looking for to up my veggie intake - a fresh and easy salad that welcomes the lengthening days. And I get it all to myself because Ernst hates bananas. It all comes from the perfect storm of childhood circumstances involving a hot day at the racetrack with his Dad, warm root beer and too many bananas. Since they are so un-a"peel"ing to him, that leaves more for me!