Sunday, February 2, 2014

Revving up my motor for the Engine 2 28-Day Challenge

When someone asks about why we don't eat animal products, I give them the short version - first Ernst had a stroke which was followed by a heart attack. I don't bring my soap box out of the house and that's often the end of the discussion, but usually not after the "But where do you get your protein?" concerns. We're all doing the best we can with our life decisions, and conversations about diet at a party sort of fall like a ton of tofu. But if and when someone asks more about our diet, I often head them to the Engine 2 Diet website.

First, it's easy to remember. Second, it's a really great resource for following a plant-based diet. Third, it is run by this guy:

Rip Esselstyn seems to get enough protein.

With springtime here in Northern California coming early and the drought blues hitting me hard, I thought it would be a great time to take up the Engine 2 Diet 28-Day Challenge. It officially starts tomorrow, February 3rd. Why not on February 1st? That might be just too much to ask with all the Super Bowl parties happening today. So tomorrow it is. Whole Foods Market is participating in this month-long plant-based food-athon.

My goals for the month are to not view chips and hummus and dark chocolate as dinner. I need to take the time to think a few meals ahead and have some veggies ready to go so I have some good choices beyond soup waiting for me in the fridge. My friend Sara had a great idea last summer for me, when I lamented to her that while I love eating salads when I'm out, I dread making them at home. She gave me the idea for my Sara Salads - pre-chopped veggies that don't wilt quickly, all ready to go with just the lettuce and dressing to be added. Carrots, celery, jicama, fennel, bell peppers, green onions etc. in a big bowl or zip lock just sitting there in the fridge minding their own business. A few chops of Romaine, a few dumps of Sara Salad and there I have an instant meal. The chips can then fall where they may, or not at all.

I'll be blogging this month with recipes, cooking ideas, my trials at getting my exercise routine revamped and pictures of some of my salad and meal creations. Rev, rev, here I go!