Friday, February 7, 2014

Raindrops on noses and whiskers on puppies

Friday nights don't get much better than this. First, it is raining! Yes, that wet stuff that falls from the sky that makes you get your umbrella out. For this precipitation lover, it has been one horribly dry winter in California. I'm such a rain freak, when they predict rain and it doesn't happen, I become extremely annoyed. And not that I want anyone's house to flood, but a small creek advisory gets me all a twitter. And a sea of green on Doppler? The perfect weather event, and keep it coming please.

What else makes this a great night?

  • A fire is lit and warming the house.
  • We're having a plant-based dinner of veggie burgers and hummus potato salad, yum!!
  • The Molly pup got a visit from her little buddy Elliot today.
  • My errands are done for the week.
  • I'm caught up on my writing projects.
  • I had a conversation in Romanian today and the listener didn't wince in linguistic pain.
  • My jeans are fitting better due to the Engine 2 Diet 28 Day Challenge.
  • It's supposed to rain for the next few days and not just be a fake-out sprinkle thing.
Spot, the Puppy Hat with Pizzazz

The best part of this week had to be dropping off Spot, the Puppy Hat for a friend's granddaughter. Ernst had mentioned to the baby's mother that I made hats, but I had no idea which color to go with and if a hat with a spotted dog theme would go over well. Along with my love of precipitation, I'm great at raining down self-doubt and second guessing my decisions. But I had no choice, I made the hat, it ended up small enough for a baby/toddler and so I just drove over there to deliver it. I was tickled to see what the little squirt was wearing on her feet! This really was a terrific week.

Spots all around!