Friday, October 4, 2013

Stick a pitchfork in me, I'm done

The front yard is officially finished. No more cardboard, no more mulch, no more plants to plant. We are done and done for. The rest is up to the sunshine, the water and the dirt. Wait, I should use the proper term, the soil.

Tuesday was a big time work day around here. I went to work on a yard-sized surprise for when Ernst got home. In the voice of Tom Hanks in Castaway, I made a walkway! It about killed my back and leg muscles, but I finally got the rocks in place for our little stepping stone path. They were the stones from the Robertson Hall that was remodeled three years ago. Julie B (of Craig and Julie) got the "horse rock," the one with the horse head shape that she said she stared at for years as a kid. I didn't have any one stone in mind, I just wanted enough to do a project with at our other house. After the build, I filled up the back of my Subaru and brought load after load home.

And there they sat in the front yard where I dumped them. And they sat some more. Then the weeds surrounded them so I didn't have to stare at the unfinished project. Last year we moved and so did the rocks. This time they sat in the backyard. And they sat some more. Then the weeds surrounded them so I didn't have to stare at the second unfinished project. Recently we had some friends over for dinner and as we sat out back on a lovely late summer evening, a rat ran in and out of the stone pile. OK, time to do something with the rocks. There is nothing like a rodent crashing our party to motivate me.

It seemed like a ton while I was loading my car,
but now I wish I had a few more.
Julie, I'm coming for the horse head rock!

Some of whom Ernst calls the "tonier" neighbors have stopped by to say they like it.
I'm sure there were times they had their doubts.

The last edition was a camellia bush and some gardenias.
And a new hose - the old kinky one was really annoying me.

There it is, our little yellow house with the yard we'll never have to mow.

Rats, I forgot about the back yard.
If I drank whisky I'd say "over the rocks, please."