Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Ernie and Jessie Dolls

Imagine this. You receive a box in the mail from a friend. It is a big box, but amazingly light for the size. You open it and take out...Yourself! And then you reach in and take out...Your Husband!

We got "Dollppelgangered" by Dolls for Friends. Our friends Erin and Jill Lynch, the creative team behind Dolls for Friends and Shop made these for our 20th Anniversary.

They are replicas of us at our big bash back on 10-10-10, me in a Romanian outfit and Ernst in his Lederhosen. They even have the Tyrolean hat on Ernst and the details on my Romanian blouse.

We have known Erin and Jill for almost our whole marriage now, we were neighbors for a wonderful few years in Davis, CA. Jill was my walking partner, although she is an athlete and I got the better part of that bargain. We would start our long walks with the weight of the world on our shoulders, and an hour later we would have helped each other get through another day. Thanks you guys, we love you and will cherish our Ernie and Jessie Dolls. Molly has looked at them, sniffed them and walked away with respect in her eyes. That is an accomplishment!