Friday, January 27, 2012

Ursula the Bear Quilt is out of hibernation

Ursula the Teddy Bear Quilt is off to Texas to a repeat customer. This nice woman bought a quilt back in December as a gift and said she was tempted to keep it. I was hoping she would see another one she liked, and this was the one.

A new record for squared up, three quilts went out this week. My house looks like a fabric tornado came through. I've been sewing on the kitchen table because the Larkspur quilt was a big one. I was snipping inside because of the rain. My blog's byline is little snippets of my quilt making and other threads. The other threads invited their buddies and are having a party in the living room with Molly's hair. It's a Fuzz Fest.

We all need a break.
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