Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Power of our Jeans

After turning most of my jeans into a rag quilt, I was left with only two pairs - the ones that fit and the evil tight ones. Plus a pair of corduroys that are a bit too long and some summer pants. But those don't count, we all know it is jeans that rule the world of self-confidence and happiness.

Having been on another What is wrong with me - what is making me feel sick Elimination Diet, it appeared that I had lost a few pounds. After living on some pretty boring foods for two weeks, I was feeling pretty good, especially after seeing the scale react a smidgen. I even dared to wear a pair of tight exercise pants one day - around the house. The Keep California Beautiful people insisted I stay inside.

So imagine my dismay yesterday when I changed out of a skirt and into my jeans. Tight! Uncomfortably tight! Wow, what a way to ruin a perfectly good day. What will it take, you stubborn pudgy body? What sacrifices are you demanding? Is it asking too much to wear jeans and breathe?

End of the day, time to get in my very forgiving pajama bottoms. Hmm, these aren't the jeans that fit, these are the TIGHT JEANS! I was wearing the wrong trousers! The fact that I was able to hitch them up and button them was a miracle. From sadness to joy with one peek at a label. Size 8! Well of course they were tight! They were the evil tight ones. They were just doing their job. Maybe I'll go jean shopping and just sew smaller sizes into all the new pairs. Much easier than this crazy diet.

The Wrong Trousers

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