Thursday, July 28, 2011

So two old friends go into this bar...

...exam, the California state bar exam, to be exact. My friend Candace and I have been proctoring at the convention center all week, having the most interesting time. While I can't give any specifics, here are a few vague highlights.

I just loved my applicants. I had 27 each day. They were wonderful, drama-free and very easy going. Some of my past applicants came up to say hello, they were back to try again. I like to see them, but hate to see them since it means they didn't pass last time. There was one gentleman that took it 12 years straight (24 times) and finally passed last summer. Amazing tenacity.

The convention center scheduled a Christian youth concert (blast music unto others?) in the next hall, so last night all our tables and vast amount of secure testing materials had to be moved to get away from the noise. We had to stay late and then come in at 6 this morning. The room was set up about the same way, just in a totally different hall. The applicants came in so confused looking, one girl asked why we moved the bathrooms. By the third day they are so tired, they thought their brains were playing tricks on them. We got free pizza at lunch for our cooperation.

Candace and I were in neighboring sections. There were times that I just couldn't even look at her for about 10 minutes straight in order to suppress the giggles. One of the other proctors took one look at the two of us and said, "You two are old friends, aren't you?" Yep, we are. At one point she was trying to draw a picture of Croatia to show me where she wants to travel, but I thought she was drawing a cow udder, (too much State Fair on my mind?). That one about did me in.

So another bar exam, another time to be really impressed with the energy that is produced by 1000 really smart people thinking their brains out for 3 straight days. The cheer that goes up at the end is amazing. The applicants are thrilled they survived. The proctors are ready to walk into a bar, a real bar.

Some famous bar exam failures

Jerry Brown: Failed the California bar once before passing.
Hillary Clinton: Failed the D.C. bar exam, but passed the Arkansas bar exam.
John F. Kennedy, Jr. Failed the New York bar twice, before passing on the third try.