Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Dogs Eat Alligator Pieces

After my last house cleaning rampage, I managed to keep the kitchen table clean and clear for almost 6 weeks. That must be a new record. This is what the "side table" in the dining area looked like, but at least the table was pretty.

Soon, in the space of a few lazy days, it started to clutter up again, becoming the office rather than the dining area. Time to take drastic measures.

One Hundred Alligators and a Purse
I picked up a really cute alligator themed puzzle at the thrift store, never even opened. The thought was, if the kitchen table is unusable as an eating space, at least covered in a puzzle it functions as a gathering and conversation area.

While not a puzzle addict, I love them. I love the strange disjointed bits of conversation they generate. And anything that may fight dementia can't be a waste of time.

"They don't feed me enough."

"I expected more flavor from a piece of reptile."

"When it's finished, they'll find out how many I ate."

"It tasted just like chicken."
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