Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Campers - Part One

A very good sign.

Now that we bring our dog camping, the packing list has grown to include:
lots of old towels
bowls that don't tip
doggie bed
doggie bed for the trailer
Gentle Leader
chew toys
dog brush
plastic bags for picking up Doggie Number Two
and of course, don't forget the dog

Our first dog Kodie had a special camping bark. When he saw us loading the car and hooking up the trailer, he began his special high pitched yelp that said: "Please, please, please don't forget me - that back space in the car has my name on it!"
Although bringing a 100-pound dog with hip issues on a camping trip is not easy, he did enjoy some good trips with us after we adopted him. He loved every single thing about the whole process, which could be seen from his travel smile.
The Subaru seats had to be drool-proofed.

The Boy was just too big and stinky to sleep in our little trailer, so we were super happy that he was OK with sleeping in his own (pup) tent. The first time Ernst set up our garage sale special dog tent, Kodie got in before the tent poles lifted it off the ground. Even while held back by only a thin layer of nylon, Mr. Wanderer seemed to respect the walls of his tent.
Camping and dogs - a win win situation

The all important decapitated stuffed toy collection.

Trying out the new pup tent he never got to use.
Our first trip with our dog Molly let us know - in no uncertain terms - that she was having nothing to do with sleeping in a pup tent. "The dog's in the trailer with the humans, let's get that straight right now people." But she has mellowed into a really great little camping dog, even if one walk had her pulling me through the bushes after a squirrel. So much to sniff, so little leash.

Aaah, the Camping Nap.
Perfect dog beach - no sand, just little pebbles

Not the Little Surfer Girl

One thing we hoped with both our dogs is that they would love the ocean. Not happening. We took both to the same beach, and they wanted nothing to do with the water that didn't stay put. I think it's a control freak thing. Both our dogs had/have Alpha Dog issues, and what is the ocean but one big beast that is not respecting their personal doggie space? How dare the waves chase them, they are the chasers. So our dream of having a cute dog that chases balls into the ocean is not to be. Molly did get the last word in the end; we'll just say our happy camper knows how to count to Number Two.

(The impressionist style of this video is due to our camera being on the fritz.)