Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romanians in Jersey? Sure!

The promise of a room full of Romanians from across the country lured us to the historic Stanley Theater in Jersey City, NJ this past weekend. We were not disappointed; it was a lovely weekend spent with friends both new and old. Delegates came from California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, New York as well as from Romania and Moldova. Of course the star attraction for me was my little buddy who moved last year to Georgia with her parents. She is a doll and puts up with my "can't get enough hugs" fussing over her. If travel is so stinking inconvenient and uncomfortable (plane delays, missed flights etc.) why can't it be cheaper so we can get to see our far flung friends more often?

Former Sacramentans - now Southern Girls

How I miss my fun Daniella!

The Little Squirt DVD was released in Romanian

It was a three kleenex goodbye