Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sew hard to make quilts in summer

According to the people who make lots of money on Etsy, now is the time to get busy for the fall and winter buying season. Especially for what I sell, rag quilts, it's a good idea to build up the inventory so that when the cooler weather hits, there will be lots of choices in my shop.

Tell that to my lazy summer attitude which is big on avoiding anything hot, such as quilt batting. The thought of working with a large square of fabric across my lap is just not appealing. Even if I crank up the AC, it's no time to even cook, let alone sew blankets. So my last project is sitting around, all cut out and nowhere to go but in the box I shoved it in. I may be lazy, but I'm a neat lazy person who must hide the Procrastination Projects under beds and other dark places.

So it was a nice surprise to sell the Sandy Beach Quilt to a woman who volunteers at my favorite thrift store. The Assistance League Thrift Store is one of my go-to places to find cute project fabric - the kind I love for themed rag quilts. I have worked with this person at the Bar Exam and she kept saying she wanted to buy one of my quilts. So we made the transaction Tuesday with the temperature soaring and the skies filled with smoke. Not exactly quilt season, but I'll take the sale.

I'm off to visit family back East and attend a Romanian convention, so my sad little menagerie of inventory on Etsy will now go into vacation mode. (Or maybe I can bribe the Big E to sew some quilts while I'm gone?) But come September, at the first sign of a cool morning or evening, I'm back on track. I've got lots of quilts to make and so little time before true quilt season hits.

My next project, hiding quietly under the guest bed.