Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On finding bugs in my hair

This has been a busy week for Team E and J. Getting ready for my trip back East has us running, or rather driving, all over hin and yon. E went to hin and I went to yon, and together we covered some of our funky car dealership inspection jobs.

That's what brought me into a store in Placerville - the store where some of the employees were looking at me a little funny. One of them just came out and said "You have something in your hair." Bird poop, that was my first guess. "It looks like a piece of tape of some sort." He helped me locate it. It was a tape flag covered with bugs, insects of all kinds. Romanian insects. And all I did was laugh.

In my quest to learn Romanian, I often make a List of the Week of Romanian words I'm learning and put it on my dashboard. My last list was of common household bugs - on a tiny Post-it tape flag.

gândac de bucătărie    cockroach (beetle of the kitchen)
furnică                        ant
păianjen                     spider
melc                          snail

And the little list went on and on, covering that little tape flag with all kinds of creepy crawlies. How it got from the dashboard into my hair is a mystery. How I think that learning the word for spider will help in my endeavors to learn Romanian is also beyond me. It's just so much easier learning the word for mosquito than learning the ins and outs of dative verb cases. And you never know when you may have to yell SNAIL really quickly, correctly conjugated or not.

Just at that point, when I was explaining to the guy what it was and then wondering why I didn't just lie and say I was memorizing famous Romanian poets, my friend Lana came up and hugged me. It was so good to see an old friend who knows me and can vouch for the fact that I normally don't go around with Romanian insects in my hair. But Lana, after that hug, you might want to check carefully - Got Melc?