Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Shiny Happy Quilt

Sometimes gifts arrive at just the right moment. I mailed this off for my sister to give to our mutual friend Shiny (spelled differently) who had been sick for several days. Joanne called her and asked how she was. Cold, was the answer. Joanne brought her this quilt, six months in the planning and finally finished, just in time for cold and flu season.

Shiny is a girl who certainly lives up to her name. I have so enjoyed getting to know her with every trip back East to see my family. She is an adorable kid who is growing into a lovely young lady. On my last trip out there in August, we went fabric shopping together and planned out the Shiny Quilt.

Shiny chose most of the fabric. I was pretty impressed with her picks, she knew what she liked and didn't like. No polka dots and no hearts! She chose a very sophisticated flannel print and she also fell in love with a cotton ice cream cone pattern. It was all so unique and fun. I was glad I didn't just surprise her with a quilt, because I would never have gone in this direction without her help. She would have ended up with a quilt full of polka dots and hearts.

This quilt incorporates memories of our trip to the beach, a melting ice cream cone and a very messy chocolate dessert experience at Wing Stop. I added in some fabric I had on hand - some yellow beach fabric and squares of bright pink corduroy which bled a little (grrr) but also frayed nicely (grrreat). To remember the messy chocolate experience, I cut up some chocolate chip cookie flannel pajamas. They were in almost perfect shape, but really, who needs all those calories at bedtime? It is an upbeat quilt for an equally upbeat young lady. Stay warm Shiny girl and I'll see you soon.

Our shiny happy trip to the beach