Monday, February 4, 2013

A memory quilt for Barb

A friend of a friend contacted me about making a memory quilt for a friend. That was three friends removed from me, until I started conversing with her through my Etsy shop. She is sweet as can be and now I look forward to meeting her someday.

When she mailed me the box of her husband's clothes, I wondered what I could possibly do with them. Some of the items just would not work, they weren't the right fabric. It meant being very careful cutting out what was there; no mistakes Jess. I had just enough - just - to make a 56 square quilt, 7 squares by 8, which makes a generous throw. I saved the buttons and sewed them on one of the corners. All that denim material is so tough to work with, but it came together nicely. The Hawaiian shirts gave it a great casual look and nothing frays as well as an old pair of jeans.

Back to the original friend. She has a friend who I made a memory quilt for a while back. I ran into her at an event recently. She said a friend saw her quilt and wants me to make five for her and the family out of her husband's clothes. And she lives about three hours away. Five memory quilts. Even if I only do 7X7 quilts, that is 245 squares. How will I do it? Is there a rag quilt version of "phone a friend"?