Saturday, February 2, 2013

My staycation was sew productive

The plan was to take the last few days of January off and get some projects finished. It would have been perfect if it had rained, but the weather didn't cooperate and the sun continued to shine. But I managed to stay home anyway, except for some doctor visits and errands.

On the list of things to do that got done:

Rearrange the living room. It is not quite right yet and I never did hang up my new botanical prints from the thrift store, but it is better.

Get a plan drawn up for our front yard Kill the Lawn, Plant Some Trees Project. We measured it out and I have been doing some little sketches. This is harder than it seems. You would think in this whole neighborhood there would be one house that is worthy of copying. But after 60 years of bad planting decisions, most of the yards are not exactly Pinterest material. I doubt what we do will be either, because I was really just hoping to plagiarize someone's landscape plan and drink in the compliments.

Sort of the goal.
Finish a quilt that was first planned back in August. It is for a young friend of my sister back East. It turned out very colorful and lively, which will fit the adorable recipient. One of the fabrics bled in the wash and that was a disappointment, that doesn't happen often to me. We'll just call it a pink wash and start a new trend.

Find the fabric for my next quilt. I tried not to howl in the Goodwill as I found some adorable dog based fabric, the Goodwill doesn't need anymore weirdness than it all ready has. I also found a new pair of work jeans. One pair off the rack. One trip to the fitting room. They fit. A miracle.

Take care of some doctor appointments, including seeing my dermatologist who is a mature woman with stunningly gorgeous looking skin. One of the things I wanted to ask was, Did I have enough brown spots to warrant having a bunch burned off at once? I guess the answer was yes because she took her liquid nitrogen - a.k.a. Canister O'Pain - and went to town. The first thing I thought of was, Oh my, do I have any social engagements in the next few days? Too late to think, she was squirting at me like it was World War Wart.

Next time I take a staycation, I must remember to get the brown spots removed at the beginning, not the last day. Maybe I can go around town posing as a bee keeper until this all goes away?

Before the sad bleeding issue in the washer.
All squared up!
Finally all my fabric is in one place.