Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taylor, the Puppy Love quilt

Roll over

The rule was, no more trips to the Goodwill fabric section until I got through some of my stash on hand. So glad I love to break the rules, because I found some really cute dog themed fabric on a "I'm just looking" peek. There was red dog fabric. There was red and white and black dog fabric. There was fabric with dog bones. And then more dog bone fabric. Like a walk down the aisle at the dog pound, it was all so irresistible. Unlike a walk down the aisle at the dog pound, I could take this all home with me. And then on coming home, I found a project piece of fabric stashed away, in red and white no less, on how to make a stuffed dog pillow. Really now, I must stay away from all thrift stores. But if they have some cute cat fabric...

Lie down


Make like a rag quilt and shed