Monday, August 19, 2013

A cabin in the woods

What's the next best thing to having a family cabin in the woods? Having friends with a family cabin in the woods. All the fun but with none of the work weekends. This past weekend we were up at Rosie's Place, where the only rule is don't flush the toilet too often. We didn't. We also didn't burn the place down, a key to getting another invitation in the future.

The guys and Ilein played Catan like addicts, Myra, Jamie and I sat around and talked about life, we ate food and drank the product of the vine, swam in the lake, let our hair do what it wanted and slept just enough to play more Catan and talk. I found out things about myself that are important to know:

  • I am really happy when there is no full length mirror around.
  • I have no desire to eat bacon. None.
  • Pliny the Elder is wasted on me. 
  • I have a strong desire to eat potato chips. Strong.
  • Swimming with ducks in a mountain lake is extremely cool.
  • Good friends are worth keeping.
  • Good friends with family cabins are worth bribing with Pliny the Elder to ensure future cabin trips.

Molly couldn't come because...

...she would have viewed the bunny under the deck as the appetizer...

...and Murray the Boxer as the main event.
(Not shown, Murray's people Eric and Jamie)
Oops, he's a Boston Terrier!

It takes 1 mini van to get 4 adults away for 2 nights.

Adrian and Ilein

Jeff and Myra

Four Elders
Adrian, Ernst, Jeff and Pliny