Thursday, August 15, 2013

all stacked up

A pile of things is never good unless it's money or already-made dinners in the freezer. Whether it's piles of laundry or dishes, stacks of bills or towers of ironing - usually when something is higher than normal - it means someone is ready to not have fun. This August is stacking up to be a busy one.

Didn't I JUST dust in July?

Didn't we JUST update territories?
 Reading Romanian notes in Cyrillic text slows things down a bit.

Will someone please write and say they owe US some money?

If I keep dying my grey roots, why won't the grey DIE?

Ants in summer for no reason are just WRONG.
Take this back to your leader and share.

Need to order the "We DO have a plan" sign for the front yard.
And then come up with the plan.

It would be grand to get the Fall Leaves quilt cut out and finished.
BEFORE Winter comes.

My Summer reading hit the doldrums.
It will be speeding up BIG time next week.

I can at LEAST take the territory updates off the list.
For now.

You have to make a mess to make it better.
If ONLY I could train the ants to update territories.