Friday, August 30, 2013

Aloha Friday!

Despite two nights of really annoying insomnia, untold hours of studying and sitting, and way too much yummy healthy food, I made it through the last day of Pioneer School intact. With the help of lots of caffeine, a whole pack of tissues and my new friends, I not only got through it but learned a lot that will hopefully stick. September - here I come. Oh, one more day of August? In that case, I'm going to sit back, kick up my feet and hang loose until Sunday.

One of these students is sweet, calm and collected and gives wonderfully well thought out answers.
The other one is jacked up on caffeine after two sleepless nights.

We've had a wonderful host crew at the Garfield KH attending to our every need for breakfast, snacks, and lunch for the past two weeks. I'm really going to miss being pampered with coffee and tea, a breakfast bar, fruit and goodies, a hot lunch everyday, and more snacks in the afternoon. How spoiled we were. Today, after lunch and before our afternoon break, the host crew turned the Mediterranean themed decor into a Hawaiian themed one - with grass skirting, leis, coconuts and smoothies. It was a fun surprise and gave us all one more photo op with our new friends.

The Garfield host crew

Jennifer, Jackie and Karen showing our appreciation for their efforts.

Tuffli and Dean - an ice dancing duo?

Ed thanking the instructors on behalf of our class.

Men with gifts.