Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7 people, 1 bathroom, no dishwasher

Our house seems really roomy when it's just the two of us, although the bathroom is a bit dinky. We had it all worked out for adding in five overnight guests - we'd put the shortest couple out in the trailer. We knew Oliver and Kornelia were on the tall side, so we hoped the other couple from Germany would be dinky just like the bathroom. We opened the door to a group of strapping Polish Germans, blond and tan and all very tall. Ernst and I looked at each other and laughed, no shorties in this bunch.

Kornelia and Oliver were the shortest, or rather the least tall, so they became the trailer couple. Rafael and Magda took the guest room and Tianna got the futon in the office. Molly slept in our room, so it was a full house. It's high time I got over my hostess worries, and I think I'm finally making progress. I made a soup bar one night and an oatmeal bar breakfast the two mornings. The meal I was the most relaxed for was the one I missed because of getting called in to work. Ernst was in charge and I guess it all went well. I'll always be amazed at those people who can take a perfectly timed prime rib out of the oven while whipping up a chocolate souffle, all with a baby on their hip while sporting gorgeous hair and makeup. Not me, but I'm definitely getting more relaxed with entertaining. I haven't set off a smoke alarm in ages, and no food poisoning was reported from our guests. That is sometimes all one can ask for.

The tall ones are off to Tahoe and snow flurries. They left in a whirlwind of blond hair, long legs and giggles. I have so many German words floating through my head, the Romanian is fighting for brain space. I think a nice tall lager might help this shorty get back to normal.

They came bearing gifts, and they bought flowers and beer.
The guys washed, dried and put away all the dishes.
They have the guest thing down to an art.
Dishwasher was kaput, but Zer Gut, the washing machine was working!