Monday, September 9, 2013

Pumpkins over popsicles

Even though we're getting one last blast of summer here in Northern California, the slightest hints of Fall are in the air. The days are shorter, the markets are starting to carry squash of all kinds and cinnamon is beginning to win out over basil in the kitchen. It was time to get my autumn-themed quilt done before leaf raking season is upon us.

Raven - the Scarecrow quilt

Autumn - a time for

Jeans rather than shorts
Soups rather than smoothies
Raking rather than mowing
Socks rather than sandals (or both, for German tourists)
Quilts rather than beach towels
Football rather than baseball  (Oh right, it's that season!)

When we went to Rosie's cabin a few weeks ago, I hauled up a big Ikea bag full of fabric to sort through. While half the guests played Catan one morning, I worked away at cutting up what I had brought. One batch was for this fall oriented, scarecrow-themed quilt. I had found two identical pieces of fabric at the thrift store for making stuffed scarecrows. I held onto them until I had collected some more fabric to match. I came up with leaves and wheat and squash and chickens and more leaves. There's a fabric for just about everything and if I wait long enough, eventually I stumble upon just what I need - abandoned and waiting to find its purpose in my quilting plans.

I'm picturing a white pumpkin patch in the front yard next year - white because orange ones would clash with the pink crepe myrtle and the purple lantana and we can't have that. If we get our timing right, the pink and purple will be gone just in time for our orange and red maples to have their autumn show. So while I'll be sad to say goodbye to swimming this year and I'm not autumn's biggest fan - there is a time, and a quilt, for every season.

I made my first big boo boo with the Scarecrow quilt.
In one square, I only sewed half of one of the Xs and the batting bunched up inside.
That means I can't ask full price.
If I only had a brain!