Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friends flying off for far flung fields

Having friends move off to far away countries is exciting. Not having a job at the airlines really stinks! Pretending for a moment that flights were free, here would be our wish list for travel:  

Go back to visit with our friends in China
Return to Romania and visit Adi, Antonio and Claudia, "Pippa," and the friends in Rahova
Revisit Ireland to see the Tomița family
See the Musial clan again in Frankfurt with the new grand kids
Pop into Rome to catch up with the Bagalias
Zip down to Ecuador to see the Hughes gang
Finally get to Australia to visit with Stuart, Amber and Samantha
Travel to London and spend some time with Caroline and company
Go to Vietnam to visit Will and My!

And the list goes on. We can't even find time to go to Portland, how is all that going to happen? For now, we can only dream. And say our good-byes to Will and My as they prepare to head off to Vietnam. My left there as a 9 month-old baby - in a small fishing boat full of refugees piloted by her dad. They ran out of fuel, but by then were able to spot a large vessel and get rescued. Now she's returning "Will"ingly with her husband on a plane. We've had the privilege of knowing them since they were in college at UCD. Ernst even had the joy of performing their wedding talk. It has been wonderful to see them blossom and now take this big new step in their lives. Life - so many places to go, so many people to see - and me without an airline job. 

Will, My, me, Ernst and Molly.
Molly would not turn around.

Will, My, me, Ernst and Molly.
Molly would not stop wiggling.

Will, My, me and Ernst.
Molly was put outside.