Sunday, September 29, 2013

...and two by two they got on The Bark

In art, as in life, things look better in odd numbers. Three photos on a wall, or five, often look better than two or four. Three items on a shelf look better than one. And in the garden the rule of three is one to remember.

When we did the kill the lawn project after planting the trees, I had a well balanced garden plan - on paper. It was a great plan, nicely sketched up with some soft plants, some pokey plants, tall plants, shorties, including round leaves and spiky ones too. Then I lost it, the plan that is. So the front yard sat over the summer, with just the bark, the trees and four azaleas. Yes, four. Odd that I went with an even number, but it just worked out that way.

Now it's getting into fall, the best time to get plants into the ground. Some decisions have to be made, and they're up to me. I can't seem to commit to a full plan that we plant all at once. What I have resorted to is stopping by the half off, last chance, they are so sad let's sell them for super cheap area of the nursery. I'm finding some great plants among the half dead ones. They seem to come in twos. So I buy what looks good, bring them home, place them around the front yard, dig a hole and call it a day.

Slowly I'm developing a somewhat organized garden plan. Forget the English look of a little here, a little there, let's have a sweet little adventure as we meander in a field of enchantment type space. No, this is more like a two by two, let's not go too crazy here, we didn't break the bank and it won't use up too much water look. I'm liking it. It's cute in a will never blow your socks off sort of way. I need to make some more trips to the sad plant place at the nursery and find more deals. But we now have some greenery to compete with the brown mulch, finally.

The lantana Myra gave me is going bonkers...

...and the butterflies just love it!
So I evened it all up and bought three more to make it four purple lantana.
The front hedge has a way to go, more edgy and not very hedgy at this point.
Look how GIANT the maple got.
Not really, it's faking it in front of the neighbor's tree.
But the two little trees are growing their hearts out, can't wait to see their fall color.
There will be a path going up the yard between them around to the front door.
Plus a little sweet gate in front, but right now that's just a future wish.

Two sets of feather grasses, for a total of four.
They remind me of chia pets.
Two creeping, no trim rose bushes.
Feel free to creep about the yard.
Two dwarf rosemary bushes.
They've already earned their keep spicing up some potato soup.

The ever evolving plan is to continue adding plants as we get them, two by two. I hope it won't end up looking odd.