Thursday, September 12, 2013

The sewn in summer fall quilt springs off to Winters

The very first time a friend said she wanted to buy one of my quilts, I felt so uncomfortable. I had made them for friends, and I had sold them to strangers, but selling one to a friend? "Are you SURE?" was my first response back then.

The Raven quilt

I got over that real quick and now it only feels the teeniest bit weird. "Are you SURE" is now just a "REALLY?" and then we get on to the logistics of delivery and payment. This week I got a mystery text/email with only a telephone number on it and a photo of the Raven quilt. It seemed a bit "spammy" so I sort of ignored it. It turned out to be my friend with the hair I covet, wanting to buy my farm-themed, autumn-inspired rag quilt based on a scarecrow theme. I must say, when I was sewing this quilt I thought of the friend with the hair I covet and knew it was her colors.

Of all the quilts I have made, I have only kept two for myself. I have a third one planned for us from all our flannel castoffs, but it's boxed up for a really rainy day. What's fun about being open to most all colors and styles is that I don't have to decide if I want to keep a certain quilt, or even if it would look good with our stuff. All it has to do is look good on its own, and someone out there on Etsy can decided if it's for them. Despite the fact that I find all kinds of cute fabric to use, I've been pretty good about not stockpiling too much, I don't want to be the star in a fluffy episode of Hoarders. In the large Ikea cabinet in my sewing room, there are about 10 different quilt possibilities. I just need to find a little more fabric, a little more time, a few rainy days...




Oink Oink!

Mr. Bunners!

Just Ducky!

Here Kitty Kitty!

OK. so maybe I have the beginnings of way more than 10 quilts. The problem is I have to duck into the thrift stores to get the supporting fabric for these themed quilts, but then I'll see even more poor abandoned pigs and ducks and bunnies. What am I supposed to do, just leave them there? Yes, I seem to be running, not a quilting business, but a rescue mission for abandoned cotton animals.