Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our 15 square feet of fame

The Internet is an amazing thing. On it can be found a cornucopia of information - some of which is useful. Back when we were choosing what to do with our kitchen, I wrote a comment on Retro Renovation about choosing Karndean flooring. I meant to post again after the floor was installed and say if we liked it. The procrastinated reply was Yes!

I got a request from the site's writer if I could take more pictures and give a little more information. And could they do a follow up article? OKaaaay...and that is why I found myself one afternoon last week moving all the junk from one side of the kitchen to the other, merely redistributing the mess rather than dealing with it, trying to make my kitchen look a little more perfect for the pictures. I think Elliot's fridge painting did the trick, it goes so well with the blue floors.

By the way, the article quotes me saying "I like tile, but h*** grout." I really did just say I hate grout, nothing worse!

Thanks to The Boy for pulling it all together!