Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When life gives you pomegranates

This was to be a Things to do, People to see sort of day. Until I found this in the door:

My day was done in once again by our sewer-worker-hating-canine. I would have to cancel my plans, and stick around with THE DOG because that is what good citizens do - they stay home so the hardworking men of Sacramento Sewer District can clear out the pipes and make the world safe for flushing.

"I can't resist a man in uniform."
Through Myra, we got a pile of pomegranates from Wendy. I love pomegranates, but they can be a bit of a pain. My secret is to cut them and separate them under water. The good stuff sinks, the yellow stuff comes to the top and I end up with a giant bowl of yummy fall goodness. The pooch being a poop provided a pile of plant-based pucker power.

A pile of pomegranates

Quite messy, but oh so gorgeous!

Some for fruit smoothies, some for salads, some for snacking and the rest for freezing.
I think I got my pomegranate cravings taken care of - this week anyway.