Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is for Organizing

Quick, where's a fork? That's easy - it's in the compartment of the drawer where we keep the forks, in the blue Rubbermaid container made for storing eating utensils in neat little stacks.

Quick, where's some tape? The super glue?? The stapler??? Don't ask me those hard questions, just look all over the house until you find it. In the process, you'll find all those other things you were wondering about, but have no time at the present to put away where they are supposed to be, wherever that is.

O is for Organizing and October 2011

Two years ago I did a drawer by drawer, bit by bit, area by area organizing project that didn't stress me out too much. I picked one thing a day that looked like it needed some help, emptied it out, cleaned it up, threw out the junk, rethought where it should really be and made it nice and neat. One little tiny section of life at a time. Then last October, when we were waiting to see if we got the house, I saved my strength for moving and packing and getting mad at the fact that we have too much junk, organized or not.

Two, count 'em, two staplers!
But where are the staples?

So here I go again, let's try to do this for keeps this time. Lesson learned this morning? I think we're good on tape and we could start donating paper clips to those in need.