Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cleaning the garage versus finishing a quilt - Garage Won

Finally, a nice whole day off to finish the Ursula quilt. I'm starting to doubt that name, it just doesn't seem like an Ursula, but I already used up Rosa and Teodora. A teddy bear quilt named Teodora, how cute would that have been? But for now, it is Ursula. Urs is bear in Latin. Ursul is the Bear in Romanian. Ursula: the girl bear. Get it? (A quilt that needs a dictionary might not be the best idea.)

What is happening today besides me-me-me sewing this thing up? The Great Garage Cleaning of 2012. This was supposed to be the Great Garage Cleaning of 2011 during the Big E's winter break. My water pump going out sort of got in the way. Today is the day. I should be thrilled. I should shout for joy. A clean garage equals a happy wife.

the layout before it was sewn
My sewing room is off the garage and it's a bit on the cold side today. Husband cleaning the garage equals door opening about 47,293 times. Brrrr!  But by the 47,294th door opening, the quilt was done. So cute! I love the shabby chic colors. I went out to the front porch to snip it and then was ready to whisk it into the washing machine. The washing machine that is full of nasty, greasy rags from the Great Garage Cleaning of 2012. So that Ursula is not the Grease-Covered Teddy Bear Quilt, it will have to wait.

I used new stitching for the Xs and the border

The fabric has instruction for making a teddy bear

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