Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Fun Weekend in Yuba City

No, that is not a self-cancelling phrase.

We had our two day assembly in Yuba City this weekend. It's not too often we can eat outside at the picnic tables there in December/January, but we had two beautiful days. If it's not going to rain, it may as well be a lovely temperature.

Our congregation got to do the Bible highlights. For most, this was the very first time they answered in English, and it was in front of 1200 people. They were practicing up to the very last moment, trying to get their pronunciation and grammar just right. That meant for some nervous Moldovans before it was over. A friend who was watching from the stage said it looked like The Wave at a football game - as the microphone got passed down the row, shoulders were either tensing up or relaxing. I was last, but I was so worried about the others I didn't have a chance to get nervous. We were so proud of our brave friends who are learning their third language. Bravo!

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