Friday, January 20, 2012

Has the Internet killed the fabric store?

The Wacky Fabric - our original inspiration piece.

I was recently approached to do a custom quilt - with the client purchasing the fabric with my input. She went to work finding some great fabric on Etsy. We agreed on three prints, some polka dots, two florals and two solids. It would be so easy and I wouldn't even have to leave the house, except to go to the PO box to pick up all the coordinating fabric that she chose with an easy click of the mouse. All the choices looked fabulous together...on our computer monitors. But when they arrived it was an Ugh Moment. A large piece that looked like it matched online was just not happening in the light of day. Then the last piece arrived, a bright green not pictured that looked ghastly held up to the other choices. So much for the click of the mouse. These fabrics were just not all clicking together.

Not including the ghastly green, the B & W flowers were clashing big time.
The Internet is great for buying fabric. You can get just about anything, the sellers know their stuff and can help you pick out really cute coordinating fabrics. But there still is nothing like going to a good ol' brick and mortar store and choosing with your two eyes. My client and I met at JoAnn Fabrics in Folsom and went to work getting it right. She picked out the most adorable bird fabric before I even got there. We both squealed when we compared it to what we already had.

Besides the bird fabric, we picked out a pretty blue and off white print and the new addition of a soft pink geometric. There is a lot of color happening and it all looks wonderful. Bye bye black and white flowers and ghastly green solid. Hello Birdies! And hello good old fashioned fabric stores that let you pile up bolts of fabric in your cart, lay them out on a counter and get the project just right. We could have found the new fabric on the Internet somewhere, but we are so pleased how it flew into our laps at the fabric store.

Birds of a feather flocking together.

The fabric that got us tweeting again.

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