Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Death of a salad bowl

It was such a cool salad bowl with a unique shape - very deep and oval. It was thick and beautiful and handcrafted from hardwood and it was mine. Until it cracked up. As in split down the seam of handcrafted hardwood while in the fridge, spilling Asian dressing all over the shelf. It was a really dramatic end to a gorgeous piece of culinary equipment, the Grand Canyon fissure of salad bowl death. I wonder if it made a sound when it bit the dust. Only the pickled zucchini know for sure.

I would post a photo, but my camera, on the same day as the death of the salad bowl, came down with photo flu and is out of commission. Turning it on causes the lens to start freaking out, going in and out without control. It's as if my trusty little camera that got me through so much is all jacked up on Red Bull. Then comes the scary part - a message with a large red X - something bad about lens failure. Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure lenses are key to a camera's usefulness. We can live without the wooden salad bowl, but I see a new camera in our near future.

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