Friday, June 8, 2012

School's out, for teachers too!

My morning started with my most dreaded household chore - ironing. I had promised the Big E that I would iron the gown he was to wear to his student's graduation tonight. We both fail miserably in the ironing department - we just don't have his co-worker Jeff's pressing gene.

Speaking of genes, I came home to this today on my kitchen sink:

Hmm, end of the year, science teachers are clearing out their classrooms... the pond scum experiment ended up on my clean counter, on the clean dish towel, where the clean dishes go. That vial full of vile stuff was sitting at an odd angle, and before I knew it I had disturbed its delicate balance. Now I need to know if the angle was crucial, will microbes escape and invade the house? I can't call because the mad science teacher is at the ceremony, up there with all the other teachers, probably appearing like a normal person who doesn't bring home pond scum experiments into his wife's (semi) clean kitchen.

It's going to be a long summer! And as always, I'll be happy to have the mad science teacher home for his summer break. I have quite the ironing pile for him to work on.